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Past Event | Navigating The Complexities of Flexible Working in Asia

Throwback to our interactive roundtable session on flexible working in Asia. 

Our participants actively engaged in a fruitful conversation on how organisations across the APAC region can prepare for the rise in remote, flexible, and agile working arrangements, focusing on employment law and immigration concerns.

A warm thank you to our speakers Fatim Jumabhoy, Managing Partner – Singapore and Asia Head of Employment at Herbert Smith Freehills and Elaine Kok, Global Mobility Senior Specialist (APAC) at Deel for sharing their experience and knowledge. Special thanks to  Hugo Mas, ASEAN Sales Leader at Deel for skilfully moderating the discussion.

Key learnings:

  • Trust-Based Culture: Successful remote work relies on a culture of trust. Managers should trust employees to complete their tasks without constant supervision.
  • Clear Expectations: Setting clear, measurable goals and expectations is crucial. This includes defining work hours, response times, and deliverables
  • Regular Check-Ins: Implement regular check-ins to maintain team cohesion and address issues promptly, particularly for staff which are fully remote
  • Outcome-Based Metrics and Regular Feedback: Focus on outcomes rather than hours worked. Measure performance based on the quality and timeliness of work delivered. Provide regular, constructive feedback to help employees improve and stay aligned with company goals.
  • Overall, flexible working is most likely here to stay and if employers want to stay competitive and attract talents, they need to put these measure in place or risk falling behind other companies who have embraced this new way of working

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