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Past Event | Securing the Future: Strategies for Managing Data in an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Throwback on a memorable Breakfast Roundtable organized by Orange Business at the French Chamber of Commerce, starring its partner Sash Mukherjee (VP Industry Insights – Ecosystm) as moderator, and Equinix. CIO, CFO and CISO from larges MNCs were given great insights on how to address challenges in cross-border data access in an evolving regulatory landscape.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Data privacy and security start with data classification and cataloguing but wrangling unstructured data poses challenges.
  • GenAI complicates cybersecurity, enabling targeted phishing and synthetic data fraud, yet it can also enhance data structure and automate threat detection.
  • A cyber platform streamlines solutions and improves visibility, but CISOs must evaluate the provider's partner ecosystem first.
  • Data Governance is process-driven, not tech-driven, causing misalignment between compliance and technology teams. Better synergy among IT, cyber, and legal teams is essential.
  • While compliance and security are increasingly becoming tech-driven, human risk management remains vital. This includes retaining skilled tech employees and discouraging non-compliance.

Thank you to Orange Business team (Kwee Boon Yeo, Jean Granger) for entrusting the French Chamber with the organization of this event.

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