Bilans d’évènement  •  Visite d’entreprise

Past Event | Site Visit at Naval Group Centre of Excellence

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Denis Gagneux and his dedicated team (Dr. Christabelle Li, Mrs. Low Ruo Qi and Mr. Malcom Neo) at Naval Group Far East’s Centre of Excellence for graciously hosting our members at their office.

Our visit began with a warm welcome from Mr. Luc Martinelli, Managing Director of Naval Group Far East. Mr. Denis Gagneux then provided an insightful briefing on their cutting-edge Research & Development activities, highlighting their innovative approaches. The team introduced us to three impressive demonstrations:

  1. VHF BOT: An AI Maritime Assistant that enhances situational awareness, supports decision-making, and offers capabilities for listening and transcribing.
  2. Vessel of Things (VOT): A smart surveillance system designed to bolster maritime vigilance.
  3. LotusSim: A realistic marine simulator for AI development with multi-agent surface and underwater vessel capabilities.

This engaging site visit not only showcased the advancements at Naval Group Far East but also inspired our members with the possibilities of future maritime technologies.

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