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Past Event | Ransomware Threats: Strategies in Safeguarding Corporate Assets

How can we face ransomware today? 

As the danger of ransomware cannot be overstated, companies must protect themselves with sophisticated tools. 

In a discussion led by Rakesh Kirpalani from Drew and Napier LLC, our participants delved into legal implications and strategies for companies to safeguard their confidential information and technological assets, and notable trends in this space. 

Please find below some key learnings of the session: 

  • Ransomware attacks are increasingly sophisticated. Just like legitimate operations, threat actors can use modern business methods such as Ransomware-as-a-Service and affiliate organisations, as well as modern technologies such as AI-powered deepfake phishing attacks. 
  • Being hit with a ransomware attack exposes an organization to a triple threat of regulatory action by the authorities, civil actions from disgruntled customers and business partners, as well as reputational risk. 
  • There are tested and effective strategies to mitigate the risk of ransomware attacks and to deal with a fallout at the institutional, legal, operational, technological, and commercial level. However, these need to be put in place early, and all stakeholders informed and trained. 

A warm thank you to Drew and Nappier LLC for hosting us.  

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