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Past Event | Smart City Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore organised an exclusive committee event exploring how Smart cities around the world are leveraging smart technologies to adapt to climate change. 

During the panel discussion skilfully moderated by Mr. Pierre Lelong, Managing Partner of Blunomy - industry leaders shared real-world use cases of smart city initiatives that aim to address climate change challenges. 

  • Mr. Jacques BELTRAN – Vice President, Global Head, Cities & Public Services at Dassault Systemes, presented their work with the Virtual Twin Experience, 3D models that integrate real-world data to simulate and optimize city environments. This technology tackles challenges like climate change, traffic management, flooding, and heat waves. Examples included flood simulations in Tokyo and heat efficiency in Paris, demonstrating how digital twins can lead to sustainable urban planning. 

  • Ivy  XIN, Vice President, Building Business at Schneider Electric Singapore, shared Schneider Electric’s vision to tackle building emissions. Schneider Electric’s approach uses smart technologies and automation to reduce operational carbon emissions. The Singapore HQ exemplifies this transition, showcasing steps like renewable energy, retrofits, and advanced automation to achieve Carbon Neutrality. 

  • Sumin JEON, Director Engineering, Digital operation at Capgemini, presented Capgemini’s expertise in smart cities and collaborations with other industry leaders. She illustrated how Digital twin for Smart city is the promise of technological infrastructure to make the territory more resilient and sustainable, sharing insightful use cases in Dijon Metropole and Nancy, in France. 

The event highlighted key takeaways for Smarter cities to adapt to climate change: leveraging data for informed decisions, utilizing collaboration platforms, and prioritizing sustainability with scalable solutions. Singapore, with its strong focus on long-term planning, exemplifies a successful approach. 

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