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Past Event | Sustainability and Responsibility Club - Feb 2022

We had our first Sustainability and Responsibility Club meeting of the year with CEOs and Heads in Charge of Sustainability (CSOs) joining us on 23rd February 2022. 

Some challenges and questions shared by the Club members include:

  • How to ensure everyone in the company from C-Management Level to entry level staff is on the same page?
  • How to understand better the needs of clients?
  • How to ensure distributors, suppliers, clients, and employees speak the same language?
  • With the increase of carbon tax, what are the possible consequences?
  • How to identify companies that are taking Sustainability seriously instead of just talking ?
  • How to communicate effectively to convince government to implement the regulations?
  • How companies can be both profitable and sustainable?


Key Takeaway:

When we talk about sustainability, no industry can be left alone or to work alone. Companies cannot be competitors to be sustainable. There should have more partnership.


Want to be part of the Sustainability Club? Please contact Emily Jiang for more information