Bilans d’évènement

Past Event | Sustainability & Responsibility Club 2022 Session #3

The Sustainability & Responsibility Club provides a platform for its members to share challenges, knowledges and experiences related to sustainability.

During our club meeting, participants shared their internal or external challenges such as:

  • How to move ESG forward in their own business?
  • How to raise awareness or convince customers to take actions related to Sustainability?
  • How do you source trustful data on sustainability in Asia?
  • How do you tackle biodiversity risks?

We are also delighted to share some key learnings from the session:

  • More regulations and standards on Sustainability in Southeast Asia are needed to push for more actions 
  • One key solution is to integrate the concept of Sustainability in your business model 
  • The importance of building your brand equity and having a powerful brand

For more information about the Club, please contact Emily Jiang ejiang(@)