Bilans d’évènement

Past Event | Unconditional love: How to make customers faithful with loyalty?

Loyalty programs and Customer loyalty are often conflated terms but generating different impacts on your customers. Creating experience driven flows for endless customer engagement, the pivotal role of loyalty.

During the event, we delved into 6 key points:

  1. Boosting experiential customer journeys: loyalty has to be embeded in the strategy of the company 
  2. Unleashing the potential of tokenised and coalition loyalty: the choice at the beginning impacts the growth of your strategy 
  3. Immersing in a world of gamified: gamification is defined by three points which are stickiness to the application, generational impact and sense of community
  4. Fuelling customer centricity through data driven personalisation: until how far in the private sphere can we go with data-driven processus 
  5. Nurturing impact through sustainability and corporate social responsibility: the rewards and loyalty programs must match the products / services of the company to avoid greenwashing. 
  6. Unlocking business value: the value of the rewards depend on the period.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to have Catherine Yap, Sentosa Development Corporation, joining to share about Sentosa Islander Loyalty programme Strategy and its impact on acquisition & engagement.

Thanks to all our speakers Gregory Franc, Associate Director Digital Village at KPMG Singapore, Emily Sambrook Smith Manager Digital Village at KPMG Singapore, Guillaume Sachet Partner - Advisory at KPMG and Catherine Yap Director, Planning, Loyalty & Channel Marketing at Sentosa Development Corporation for this fruitful and detailed presentation.

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