Bilans d’évènement

Past Event | A Visit to "Alcyone", a French-Flagged Tanker owned by SOCATRA

(Photos credited to the Embassy of France in Singapore)

On the occasion of Singapore Maritime Week, SOCATRA and French International Register organised a visit of Alcyone, taking advantage of its stopover in Singapore on its way towards French Polynesia.

Alcyone is a French-flagged tanker owned by SOCATRA, retrofitted with two 35m by 5m Rotor Sails. This innovative retrofit underscores the opportunities of decarbonising the maritime sector and the promising solutions in achieving sustainability in maritime operations. It is the first French-flagged tanker with the Registre International Francais (RIF) French Flag to use this specific wind-assisted ship propulsion technology and the first in Socatra's fleet. The tanker will utilize wind propulsion alongside its motorization, particularly servicing French Polynesia and New Caledonia. 

Championed by the Joint Year of Sustainability between France and Singapore (JYOS), Alcyone stands as a beacon of progress, marking a significant milestone in maritime innovation. Numerous national, European, and international efforts are underway to achieve the energy transition of maritime transport. The utilization of French and European wind technology presents a clean and readily available solution for ships of all sizes.