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Service Catalogue 101 – All you need to know!

How to create and expose a service catalogue? Companies can expose their offerings to their end-users or customers using a service catalogue for them to select and submit their requests or purchases. However, this concept is often not well-enough articulated, resulting in low value for both the end-users and the service manager. This challenge is hard to tackle for service managers with all the specificities or variations, and remains too often an unsettled struggle.

In this hybrid presentation, EVA Group experts Gregory FRANC - EVA Group Practice Leader - Audit & Consulting for APAC and Irvin LING - EVA Group - RFP & Project Manager for APAC explain how to promote the value of a service catalogue and its adoption for all, manage the performance, together with the benefits of a clear structure for potential automation in the era of digital transformation.

The presentation aimed to:

  • Introduce the concept of a service catalogue to bring a clear and precise vision of its structure in 4 layers
  • Review an example to explain in details how to modify and improve the content of a service catalogue for higher value for the users.

This committee meeting is dedicated to Technology Department leaders and service managers (all industries) willing to equip their offerings with a service catalogue together with finance controllers for the cost impacts of the implementation of such catalogues and Digital Marketing specialists.

Members are welcome to download the presentation and watch the replay below: