Bilans d’évènement

Virtual Event: Healthcare B2B Forum in ASEAN

Last Friday Oct 9,The CCIFI ASEAN network (Singapore- Malaysia- Myanmar- Vietnam- Cambodia - Thailand) joined forces to launch a Healthcare B2B Forum.

The topic centered on how demand for healthcare in Asean is growing rapidly with ageing populations, the need for remote healthcare, challenging diseases etc. Our guest speakers discussed how innovation in healthcare and in the health system efficiency can contribute to stay competitive in an evolving landscape.

The event received 170 webinar participants and more than 70 meetings took place through our dedicated B2B meeting platform.

A very warm thank you to our following speakers and sponsors for leading these engaging panel discussions:

Alcimed"Healthy ageing starts young : what impacts on businesses?"

Biomerieux: "Rethinking training, human resources and business development at a regional scale"

International SOS and AOKpass: "Driving a global standard for return to work and travel in a post COVID-19 world"

AXA, Smarter Health and Active Global Specialised Caregivers: "Innovations in healthcare infrastructures - Shifting from Current Hospitals to the Hospital of the Future : Outsourced services, role of insurance companies, costs and opportunities"

Last but not least, thank you to our kind sponsors VKA Healthcare & Bioderma (Gold Exhibitors), AlcimedAXAbioMérieux and International SOS.


We look forward to seeing you at the next Healthcare Forum in 2021!