Bilans d’évènement

Webinar: Be in command of motivation by learning how to cultivate positive emotions and manage the negative ones

People are returning to office but it is likely that the anticipated joy of returning to the office will not match the reality of the new situation.

It can be tough to stay motivated and focused, or find yet again innovative solutions to adapt to this ongoing "new normal". 

This webinar was for people looking for practical tips on how to unlock motivation even during everlasting challenging times. 

Carina ROGERIO, Managing Director & Founder of SeeAre - Executive Coach, University Lecturer, Business Strategist and Mediator and Juliane NITSCHE, Co-Founder of MLC Advisory - Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, shared their expertise in an interactive way and proposed easily applicable tips, tools and exercises to :

  • (auto)generate positive emotions on demand
  • cultivate proactively good emotions
  • manage the impact of negative emotions

They can be utilised as an overall wellbeing strategy for performance during times of stress and to boost teams resilience and morale for better results.

Thank you to our speakers and participants!