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Webinar: Digitalization in the Singapore Maritime Industry - Ensuring opportunities for development

An online event co-organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and Economic Development Board (EDB) to understand how port and shipping services can significantly benefit from digitalization.


The transition towards digitalization is speeding up in the maritime industry. Increased competitiveness, enhanced operational efficiency and improved safety are the goals.

Shipping, the backbone of the world economy, is undergoing a digital transformation. These challenging times have highlighted the need for greater resilience in global supply chains and the benefits that digitalisation offers. However, the maritime sector has yet to unlock digitalisation’s full potential. How can digitalisation make shipping and ports more resilient, efficient and green? How do we collaborate to address the challenges involved and to increase access to the benefits? What should be the next step for digitalisation in the future of shipping and ports?

Singapore’s success as a major global maritime hub is the result of a bold vision, national determination, and assiduous planning. 

Thank you to our esteemed panel of speakers:

  • Marc Abensou, Ambassador of France in Singapore
  • Dr Sanjay Chittarajan Kuttan, Executive Director at Singapore Maritime Institute
  • Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan, Président du Cluster Maritime Français
  • YC Choy, Regional Vice President of the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore
  • Julien Glory, CEO - ASCENZ


Watch the replay here: