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WEBINAR: Fighting COVID-19 With An Agile Supply Chain and Certified Medical Equipment

In this webinar on supply chain challenges of COVID-19, Loïc BENATTAR, VP APAC of the freight forwarder Bansard International, shared his experience and reviewed each step including production, supply, quality, customs and shipping.

One of the challenges of COVID19 medical supply, is related to new customs measures that further strengthen the quality control of anti-epidemic materials for export. 

To help understand the related requirements, Ryan MAO, Head of Product Certification Services, Asia Pacific, British Standards Institution (BSI Group) explained the Regulation and Certification Process to give some insight on the efforts that are made to address the urgency of the situation.

EU PPE Regulation and CE Mark Certification Process:

  • The PPE Regulation - an overview for manufacturers of PPE including those who are producing PPE for healthcare applications
  • The requirements of PPE Regulation so the CE marking can be affixed and product placed on the market
  • A summary of the current situation and the new guidelines for Face masks, Eye protection, Workwear, Gloves
  • What BSI is doing in light of the current situation

Thank you to our kind speakers and participants for joining this webinar.