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WEBINAR: From Reactive to Proactive - How to prepare for post-COVID-19

Carina ROGERIO, MD of SeeAre, discussed proactive leadership and management, and essential pivot point to focus on regarding the post covid strategy.

4 months since COVD-19 started in Asia. Most businesses adapted as best as they could to the ever-changing environment and mandatory measures.

Your mindset is having the reality check that staying in crisis management won’t be enough to survive the possible biggest economic crisis of this century. You are starting to shift from reactive to proactive. 

This webinar endorsed that necessary mindset shift by :

  • Providing reference points to identify which parts of your business and/or team management need to complete said mindset shift
  • Giving you some key elements around proactive leadership and management
  • Identifying an essential pivot point to focus on regarding the post-COVID-19 strategy 
  • Explaining its translation in terms of business development planning. 

Thank you Carina for your expertise, the BLBG (Belgium Luxembourg Business Group in Singapore) for your collaboration and our participants for taking part in this webinar.