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Webinar: How to leverage WeChat Mini-Program to create new business opportunities ?

Launched in 2017, there are now more than 4 million WeChat Mini-Programs (double the total number of apps on the AppStore!) used by 450 millions active users. 

Ubiquitous in the global Chinese consumers journey, it is critical to understand how B2C and B2B brands can leverage WeChat MP to:

- Design unique and seamless digital experiences e.g. omnichannel customer experience, gamification, live streaming, augmented / virtual reality (AR / VR), etc

- Create new business opportunities in retail & e-commerce (smart retail, social commerce, etc)

- Engage, re-engage and create loyalty (data collection, segmentation, CRM, etc)

- Connect customers and staff through WeChat work

During this keynote, our speakers Clément LEDORMEUR, General Manager at 31Ten, and Sylvain JOANDEL, General Manager at FABERNOVEL Singapore, introduced the WeChat MP ecosystem, analyzed and illustrated the mechanism of B2C & B2B WeChat MP through case studies.


Thank you to our speakers and participants!