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Webinar: Navigating the Singapore Employment Landscape: Wrongly Dismissal Claims

With most private sector employees now being covered by the Employment Act and an increase in the number of retrenchments due to COVID-19, there has been a rise in the number of wrongful dismissal claims being filed in Singapore. Besides exercising caution when undertaking terminations, what else can companies do to safeguard themselves and minimise the risk of a wrongful dismissal claim being brought by a disgruntled employee? 

Topics which were  discussed during this session by  Celeste Ang (Principal), Ng Zhao Yang (Local Principal)  and Clarence Ding (Senior Associate) at Baker & McKenzie, included: 

  • What constitutes a wrongful dismissal claim?
  • How should we manage an exiting employee who asks for reasons for the termination, given that providing reasons would shift the burden of proof to the employer to show that the reasons provided are true in the event of a wrongful dismissal claim? 
  • Potential liability at the Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT) and the ECT process
  • Our insights and experiences on wrongful dismissal claims