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WEBINAR: Nudging Healthcare using Behavioural Science Post-COVID-19

Learn how healthcare behaviours will change as a result of COVID-19

In this webinar, our speakers Richard Bordenave, CEO and Suzanne Kirkendall, MPH, Consultant from BVA Nudge Unit Singapore discussed how you and your organisation can adapt to meet the rapidly changing needs of your customers and clients, both during the crisis and well into the future.

This webinar covered:

  • A grounding in behavioural science – learn how we truly make decisions, and why we seem to behave “irrationally,” even when it comes to our health.
  • A look at how healthcare customers’ needs and behaviours are changing as a result of COVID-19.
  • Examples of how to apply behavioural science to develop solutions to “nudge” better health behaviours and prescribing decisions among healthcare providers and patients.

Thank you to our speakers and participants for this enriching webinar!