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Webinar: Reimagine the workplace after Covid-19: New ways? New spaces? New offices?

The Covid-19 crisis has forced us to adopt new ways of working. While we can perform well while being apart, we all have the same question in mind: has working from home been a success only because it is temporary? 

Today, organisations juggle between the short-term need of planning their employees’ safe return to office, and the longer-term imperative of reimaging how work is done and what role the office should play. Preparing for that shift now will give organisations a huge competitive advantage. By being resilient they will foster collaboration, productivity and engagement. Reinventing the right workplace is a key step. It should be done by designing innovative office set-ups, according to employees' needs and business targets.

But there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every organisation is different. Every performance lever is different. Every culture is different. And even, every employee is different.

Thank you to our speakers Aude Beneton (MD & Executive Coach) & Hélène Bertoneche (Career & Team Coach) from  Harmony & Mobility as well as Jeanne Mouterde (General Manager) & Cloe Faye (Creative Director) from ielo design for the great sharing and presentation session!