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WEBINAR: Singapore, a Smart Health Hub in ASEAN

Singapore, a regional hub for the health sector, is a fertile ground for innovative solutions as well as R&D.

In this webinar, conducted on May 14 2020, our speakers Guanyou Chen, Regional Director Europe at EDB and Emilie Philippe, APAC Managing Director at Webdrone, discussed with Aude Simon, Business Development Manager at Team France Export - French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore the challenges and actions needed for maintaining Singapore as one of the best healthcare systems in the world (6th in the WHO world ranking) :

  • Improve the health status and the health coverage of the ASEAN population
  • Contain the explosion of Healthcare costs caused by numerous factors: construction of health infrastructures, high consumption of medicine, aging population, chronic / infectious diseases, inefficient supply chains...
  • Transform and develop healthcare ecosystems driven by unprecedented access to Big Data and latest technologies
  • Explore innovative solutions to improve patient care and develop homecare
  • Increase and train more healthcare professionals
  • Engage and empower patients and healthcare consumers as the industry heads personalized medicine and care

Factors That Contribute To Singapore’s Healthcare System:

  • Emerging and growing middle class (eager to consume and a prone to well-being)
  • Young, urban, tech savvy population
  • Running urban development and infrastructures (how to adapt health facilities to the growing population and to the Elderly?)
  • New consumption trends: occidentalization, live longer and healthier, hyperconnectivity…
  • Heterogeneous region: persistent gaps and health challenges among countries (access to health and quality of care)
  • Technologies more and more intrusive in the Healthcare ecosystems

This webinar was co-organised by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

Thank you to all our kind speakers and the participants for joining this webinar.