COVID-19  •  Bilans d’évènement

WEBINAR: Step into your courage in the face of complexity & change

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents us a crisis of a magnitude most leaders have not experienced yet: business, economy, society and individuals are heavily impacted and the final results are still unclear.

Many leaders are left with difficult feelings of ambiguity, stress and anxiety. Too often, these feelings are considered “negative” and being courageous is defined as being free of fear and doubt. And yet, human beings are more complex than that. Seemingly opposite feelings can co-exist and even help us to create what we want if we manage to work with them instead of wanting to avoid and dismiss them.

In this 1-hour webinar, certified & accredited transformational Coach and Trainer Beatrix Eder presented the following:

  • what defines courage 
  • how to explore vulnerability as the unit of measurement for courage
  • shared some effective strategies to cultivate courage
  • encouraged questions from participants

The aim of this session was to increase self-acceptance and self-compassion, integrate fear and methods to to reconnect with one's courage.

Thank you Beatrix and the participants for taking part in this webinar.