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WEBINAR: Will Sustainable Development Thrive After COVID-19?

COVID-19 has pushed the pause button on our lifestyles and the impact on our environment. In this webinar, the speakers and participants discussed the future impact of COVID-19 in our daily lives and on climate change. Will our world consider more about the environment or will it be a business-as-usual? 

We thank our passionate speakers on this topic: Estelle FORGET, Founder and CEO, ERGAPOLIS and Brice DEGEYTER, founder and General Manager, BIZSU, who have gathered some pros and cons regarding the future of Sustainable Development. Thank you also to our participants for joining the webinar. 

Do also check out the articles that Estelle and Brice have written on the subject of sustainability:  

Lastly, we would like to invite you to share your thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable business development in the survey below. You can also click the link to fill up the survey.