Bilans d’évènement

Women Entrepreneurs Round Table - Mastermind Group April 2021

At our session today, the entrepreneurs shared tips and best practices on Networking, LinkedIn, Prospection & Sales strategy, Team management, etc.

Thank you:

  • Emmanuelle LE STRAT, E-LE-STRAT - Coaching, Training & Facilitation
  • Fayrouz YATAGHANE, Realme Coms       
  • Maelle POCHAT, Try and Review
  • Estelle Dherine, IKIGAI COACHING          
  • Julie REYNAUD, Lazuli
  • Albane CORBI
  • Marion BECKER, Marion BECKER Coaching
  • Aleksandra Korleva,  Hot Design Folks
  • An LY-TAMPERE, Alta Coaching



Every month, we organise roundtables for Women Entrepreneurs, where female entrepreneur members have the opportunity to present their businesses and challenges, and get the feedback and insights of other fellow entrepreneurs. This accountability structure helps to keep entrepreneurs focused and on track. A great opportunity to benefit from this community of supportive entrepreneurs who brainstorm together to help participants to move to the next step. Please get in touch with Amelie Poumaer for more information.