Bilans d’évènement

Business Accelerator Lab - BY BEA

In this session of Business Accelerator Lab, our participants Beata and Eric Guilleminot from BY BEA  presented their business model and challenges to receive  recommendations from 3 Advisors - Laetitia de Seroux-Gerhardt (Co-President of Business Accelerator Lab), Aurélien Pichon and Carina Rogerio.

Thank you to our guests for this great session!

Note: Sessions of the Business Accelerator Lab are free in the upcoming months. This programme is open to any French entrepreneur and start-up member of the French Chamber who has created their company in Singapore, and is designed to connect French start-ups/Entrepreneurs seeking to present their business plan and strategic challenges to get recommendations and contacts from advisors.


The French Chamber's Business Accelerator Lab is one of the free and full booster programmes to guide entrepreneurs in their business development, to challenge their business plans and provide recommendations to move forward.

Entrepreneurs and Startup founders, benefit from the one-hour online session:
- Present your business, forecasts and top challenge,
- Discuss with experts and collect their recommendation.

For more information on the Chamber's Business Accelerator Lab programme, please contact Amelie POUMAER at apoumaer(at)