Business Accelerator Lab

Prepare your business rebound: Present your challenges and strategy to get recommendations from a panel of Advisors!

The Business Accelerator Lab programme is designed to connect French start-ups/Entrepreneurs seeking to present their business plan and strategic challenges to get recommendations and contacts from advisors, through individual meetings set up by the French Chamber of Commerce.

The panel of advisors is composed of successful entrepreneurs and experts from various sectors and diverse functions such as Finance, Marketing, Business Development, Funding, Law, etc.

With the Covid-19 situation, Startups & Entrepreneurs have to daily face decision-making about the future of their core business, and also launch initiatives to rebound: digital acceleration, diversification of offers, staff reorganization, etc.

Helping small businesses during this difficult period is the kind of support that the French Chamber wants to offer through the 'Get Back on Track" Business Accelerator Lab by providing sector experts point of views on current challenges.

During one-Hour online session with the panel of advisors, the Entrepreneur can share his current business issues and benefit from the advisors' perspective and advice with :

  • 20 minutes overview of the current business, forecasts and top business challenge (digitalisation, diversification of services, evolution of the business plan, HR reorganisation, etc.)
  • 40 minutes of discussion and Q&A to validate leads, help identify business opportunities and  risks.


What is the role of the Advisors:

  • Listen and ask questions, confront ideas and challenge the Entrepreneur on his plan, his methodology and objectives by acting as the devil's advocate and offer suggestions,
  • Act as observers to help the entrepreneur keep a sense of perspective, get a neutral point of view, relativise their problems and find solutions.
  • Share their experience to help him to find his own solutions and to break his isolation.
  • Provide criteria for assessment and possibly refer the entrepreneur to investors, collaborators and service providers (lawyers, accounting firms, PR / marketing, etc.) in line with his business and objectives.


  • Olivier Grometto, Qingwa
  • Laetitia de Seroux, Wavecell


Since 2015, 40 start-ups and entrepreneurs have been supported and advised by the Business Accelerator Lab and 30 advisors have joined our pool of experts. 


How to apply?

This programme is open to any French entrepreneur and start-up member of the French Chamber who has created their company in Singapore.

The candidate willing to get a session with the Business Accelerator Lab shall fill in the form below. The French Chamber will revert with a date of meeting and share the deck with the Advisors.


Confidentiality guaranteed

After the session, the recommendations and contacts are sent to the Entrepreneur. The Advisors who attended the session can be contacted directly for further details and specific recommendations.


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