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Past Event| ‘Scale-up workshop series#2': Attracting and hiring the right talent for a successful regional business

The 2nd session of the Scale-up workshop series has been an insightful closed-door discussion.

Thank you to our speakers Graham Lim, Senior Partner Manager at Globalization Partners  and Daniel Callaghan, Ceo at Veremark,  who shared their expertise and knowledge on attracting and hiring the right talents for a successful regional business.

Key topics:

  • Offering flexible working arrangements
  • Focus on diversity & inclusion for an increase on ROI
  • Data-driven recruitment
  • How companies present themselves is key
  • Competitive pay
  • Importance of a solid HR policy for remote staff to feel engaged with the rest of the team
  • Contractors can be a good interim solution to hire abroad with less commitment

This event is kindly sponsored by our series partner Globalization Partners  

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