Programmes for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

We support Start-ups and Entrepreneurs’ Business growth

We offer free and full booster programmes to guide entrepreneurs in their business development, to challenge their business plans and provide recommendations to move forward. We also help them make connections with advisors and investors.

Are you a female entrepreneur member? The Women Entrepreneur Mastermind club is the opportunity to present your business and challenges, and get the feedback and insights from other fellow entrepreneurs.

Business Accelerator Lab

One-off pitch session between one entrepreneur and a panel of advisors to challenge business plans and provide some recommendations and contacts to move forward.

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Duo Mentoring

A long-term and one-on one advisoring programme between one executive from large MNCs or senior expert to guide one entrepreneur in its business development

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Meet the CEO

A monthly opportunity to connect with a CEO of a large company.

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French Investors Network

A network of investors looking for new projects to invest in, for all the Startups & Entrepreneurs who are looking funds.

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Support the business community through our COVID-19 Collaborative Platform!