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WEBINAR: Navigating Smart Mobility in Singapore/ASEAN post-COVID-19

The contours of an emerging mobility ecosystem after the COVID-19: challenges, trends, opportunities.

In 2014, Singapore launched the  “Smart Mobility 2030”, this master plan outlines how the country will develop its Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) over the next 15 years.  Its goal is to optimize transport systems and to enhance commuter travel experience across Singapore.

In Singapore, we have witnessed incremental but rapid progress toward a new paradigm for moving people and goods, powered by fast evolving technologies. Towards a future of mobility that is more sustainable, equitable, efficient, safer, and convenient.

The pandemic has shut millions of people in their homes and disrupted every part of the transportation domain, but leaders can’t simply wait to see how tomorrow’s reshaped mobility ecosystem turns out. In this context, mobility is navigating into unprecedented times.

In this webinar, our guest speakers Jacklyn Zhang, Regional Director, Europe, Economic Development Board of Singapore and Yann MARTEIL, Directeur Général Délégué de Mobivia, Directeur Général de Via ID discussed how trends vary by region, and how responses and outcomes from mobility players will differ as well.

They also discussed how this crisis is creating opportunities for innovations to be pushed in a lot of domains, and the role of smart mobility in this context.

Thank you to our kind speakers and participants for joining this webinar.