Smart Health - French innovative solutions for Singapore’s health


The Smarthealth project was launched in June 2017 to bring together the French Expertise in the healthcare sector. The idea was to meet Singapore’s health ambitions and overcome major challenges such as its Healthcare 2020 Masterplan. Hence was born the idea to create the Smarthealth collaborative group:

  • To build a collaborative approach mixing French MNCs and Startups in an innovative way
  • To gather French expertise in the Singapore healthcare industry
  • To promote existing solutions, and bring innovations to Singapore
  • To feature solutions for corporates, authorities and citizens.

SmartHealth covers 4 Clusters to address Singapore’s challenges:

  • Healthcare Accessibility & Affordability,
  • Preventive Care,
  • Value-Based Care & Innovation,
  • Silver Economy & Seamless Care

As of today, Smarthealth has over 40 members (multinationals, SMEs and start-ups), offering more than 150 products and services, proving their collective value to tackle issues such as healthcare affordability, ageing, non-communicable diseases and digital health transformation.


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