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Le Booster's Co-Working Space in Singapore

In our article "5 Minutes with Mehdi About Le Booster’s Co-Working Space", we interview Mehdi Trublet, Business Development Manager at the French...

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Orange: Cyber Security in a Digital Ecosystem

FOCUS #69 - Nicolas Arpagian, VP Strategy and Public Affairs, Orange Cyberdefense, shares about the cybersecurity and the digital economy.

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Webdrone: AI powered cyber investigations

FOCUS #69 - Emilie Philippe, APAC Managing Director, Webdrone, shares with us about the cybercrime the company tackles and how it uses AI in its...

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Alstom: Cyber Security and the Railway Industry

FOCUS #69 - Eddy Thesee, VP Cybersecurity of Alstom shares about how cybersecurity concerns the railway industry and its latest efforts in the domain.

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Thales: Securing Cyberspace

FOCUS #69 - Lee Siu Min, Director of Security & Services at Thales Singapore, shares about the company’s recent initiatives in the domain of...

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Jumpster: Put on the map

FOCUS #69 - Sebastien de Peretti, Co-Founder of Jumpster presents us the company, a tech solution provider concentrated on Cyber Security and AI.

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IDEMIA: Identity security reinvented

FOCUS #69 - Tim Ferris, APAC President and Vice President of Public Security & Identity in APAC within IDEMIA shares with us on augmented identity and...

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Alcatel: Cyber Security and the Healthcare Industry

FOCUS #69 - Pierre Samson, Senior Vice President, APAC , Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, shares about the case for a layered approach to cyber security in...


Edito #FOCUS68 - Cybersecurity

Cybercrime has become one of the biggest threats to everyday life, not just to individuals but to industries all over the world. It’s now as complex...


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