Our Department was created in 2004 with the primary objective to help companies recruit in all industries, for roles ranging from entry level to senior management. It holds an Employment Agency license granted by the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and our team of consultants is also certified by the MOM. It offers personalised service and valuable guidance to our clients.

​​​​​​​Our activities

For the companies:

  • Full support during all the stages of the recruitment process
  • Scouting the market for the best local and international profiles
  • Recruitment for all types of position: permanent, short term as well as internship
  • Top Talent Newsletter to share new profiles with our contacts
  • Advice on the labour market and trends

For the candidates:

  • Individualised support in the job search (consulting session)
  • Advice given to candidates in the recruitment process via the French Chamber
  • Publication of the profile in the Top Talent Newsletter sent to our entire network
  • Information sessions on the Singapore job market, visa requirements and job search strategy (2-3) times a year

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The recruitment services of the Chamber is particularly attractive for our Members:

  • Lower than market rates and based on a Success fee (Please refer to our Recruitment Agreement for full details of our terms and conditions.)
  • A professional and reactive service with a sound knowledge of the Singaporean labour market and visa requirements

Moreover, we keep growing a database with Singaporean, French and international candidates. Our team has also developed partnerships with Business Schools and Universities in order to expand our candidates’ database and give an overview of the job market to graduates.

Employment Agency Licence No: 10C4756

Frequently Asked Questions for Budget 2022 Announcements on Employment Pass and S Pass moves

The Budget Statement 2022 outlined foreign workforce policy moves at the Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass level to strengthen the complementarity between our local and foreign workforce. For more information, details of these moves can be found at here.



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