Duo Mentoring Programme

Meet with senior business executives to benefit from their expertise! 

The Duo Mentoring Programme, co-initiated with the French Trade Advisors, is an opportunity  offered to Startups, Entrepreneurs and SME who want to expand their business in the region to meet, exchange insights and learn from a mentor (business manager or experienced senior executive).

Similarly, mentors are often looking to enrich their own professional experience by offering their advice and learning from tomorrow's talent.

Retained applicants benefit from their mentor’s professional experience, contacts and/or advice through one-to-one meetings (online or face-to-face).
Mentors' commitment is strictly personal : the success of the programme is based on mutual trust, respect, confidentiality and interest in making progress.
It has already proven to be a valuable platform for both Mentors and Mentees.


How does it work?

As Mentors and Mentees are not from the same company, an open and confidential dialogue is possible.

DUO Mentoring Programme is a long-term mentoring commitment.
It consists of 1 meeting per month for a period of 6 to 12-months.
This is to enable a solid foundation for professional advancement.

Open to Startups, Entrepreneurs or SME representatives with a minimum of 1 year existing business.

Why should you join?

  • Guidance for Entrepreneurs: The guidance given by a senior mentor can go a long way in helping a mentee navigate the early stages of their company and understand the nuances of the business world.
  • Professional advice from high-profile business executives: A rare opportunity for Entrepreneurs to meet experienced Executives for knowledge sharing, skills and experience to assist their mentee’s progress in their own life and career.
  • Link with the future generation: By pairing with a young professional, mentors will be able to gain a new perspective on the ambitions and expectations of tomorrow's talent.

How to apply?

The DUO mentoring programme is for Entrepreneurs/Start-ups and SMEs member of the French Chamber of Commerce only.




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