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B2G Webinar Series | Leadership Development for Organizational Transformation

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Join Dr. Tom Aldridge and discover these key shifts in mindset and behavior that will elevate you from more leading, less doing.


In today’s volatile business environment, organizations are grappling with continuous adaptations, recalibrations, and transformations. There is an increasing emphasis on digital transformation and automation through AI, as organizations are rushing to deploy the latest solutions. However, the leadership aspect ends up taking the backseat – there are not enough leaders to drive through these changes. There hence exists a massive business imperative for organizations to invest in developing the right calibre of leadership.

How do you define leadership, though? Is it about deep industry knowledge, cross-functional experience, and a robust technical skillset? While these attributes could guarantee seniority, they do not automatically translate into leadership.

Hint – It is more about honing existing skills than acquiring new ones to expand your repertoire. Contrary to popular opinion, leadership also requires you to:

  • Create conflict, not avoid it
  • Be accountable, not authoritative
  • Evolve a new culture, not just live with it

Join us for an exclusive webinar with Dr. Tom Aldridge, B2G Consulting where he will discuss leadership development based on his 35+ years’ experience of working with top business leaders. Joining him will be our managing partner, Frederic Gomer, as they discuss real-life case studies to highlight the purpose, approach and challenges of leadership development for both organizations as well as personnel.



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