BHP - Camps to Communities Challenge 2022 - Application phase

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Collaborate with BHP to lead the evolution of experience for our site-based workforce.


Camps to Communities

Collaborate with BHP to lead the evolution of experience for our site-based workforce. Help us create an environment that uplifts safety and inclusiveness to enable our teams to thrive!


We want to reinvent the experience of our workforce who often spend long periods away from home to work and stay at our remote locations. It's important for us to uplift their experience and look for ways to reinvent the traditional ‘mining camp’ environment and transform them into communities where our teams can live, learn and explore interests while staying connected to home!

We’re looking for innovative ideas to make our accommodation safer, more inclusive and encourage our workforce to connect as a community. We are looking for original ideas that push beyond current resource industry standards, with a focus on transforming our teams’ felt experience. If you have an idea or concept we want to hear from you!


Register on the platform and submit a pitch deck of about 10 slides in English (PPT or PDF format), addressing the following:

  • Problem and Solution
  • Alignment to the Challenge rules
  • Business Plan
  • Business Model
  • Revenue Stream
  • Team Introduction
  • Product/Project milestones

You will also need to reply to some simple questions about your business in your participation form. BHP will shortlist as many companies as deemed relevant and will notify you of the results on October 20, 2022.


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