Building a WebApp from ground up - Part I

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In this first part of three series hands-on sessions, join us to build a web application from scratch.


Building an application from scratch is always exciting. How can we ensure our choices remain relevant in the upcoming months?
Throughout this series, we'll build a fully-fledged e-commerce application with solid foundations to add more features later on confidently.

The first session will focus on creating a web application to list, search and view the details of some products. We'll start with a brand new project to discuss some of the technical decisions we'll make along the way. Finally, we'll deploy our app so users can finally access it.
What you may expect from this session:

  • Learn how to start a project using React
  • Making network requests to display data from an API
  • Deploying your application

Thomas Huchedé, Consultant, Zenika


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