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COVID-19 Webinar: What You Need To Know About Travel Bubbles, Corridors And Bridges

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While unrestricted global travel is still in the very distant future, international travel to select countries might be closer than we think.


As governments talk about removing travel restrictions based on parameters such as economic impact and risk tolerance, organisations likewise need to determine their risk threshold to travel.

Join our medical and security experts in this weeks’ situation update as they cover what you need to know about travel bubble, corridors and bridges. The webinar will include topics such as:

  • COVID-19 situation update
  • Re-starting travel overview
  • Top medical considerations
  • E.g. immunity, evacuation capabilities, pandemic plans
  • Top security considerations
  • E.g. Social unrest and petty crime, anti-government sentiment, xenophobia

Be sure to submit your questions when registering. Our speakers will answer as many as they can in the remaining time at the end of the webinar.



Dr. Doug Quarry – Group Medical Director, Medical Intelligence

James Robertson – Regional Security Director

Jessica Beatson – Director, Risk Services




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