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Embracing Mental Wellness in the Workplace: An Authentic and Practical Roadmap

Deloitte, 6 Shenton Way - OUE Downtown 2, #33-00, 068809, Singapore
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Join us to explore building supportive workplaces that prioritize Employee Mental Health

Mental health in the workplace is an increasingly important issue that affects individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. Poor mental health can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and even turnover, resulting in significant costs for companies.

Employers have a responsibility to create a mentally healthy work environment, which includes providing resources and support for employees to maintain their mental well-being. This can include offering access to mental health professionals, promoting work-life balance, and providing stress management training.

In this panel discussion, our moderator and speakers will discuss the different approaches organizations can be supportive by creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace that prioritize the mental health of their employees. Devoid of filters and of cliché overly heard answers.

  Event Objectives:

  1. To connect leaders around the discussion point of mental health
  2. To start honest conversations about emotional inclusion, and mental health in the workplace
  3. To look at the post pandemic mental health statistics and define the best way forward.
  4. To spread the understanding mental health in the workplace on a larger scale and the need to drive greater psychological safety and emotional inclusion


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