Executive Program - Mergers & Acquisitions in Technology

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Join us on this course which covers legal tools to overcome challenges in the new era of M&A in technology in the Asia Pacific region


The M&A industry is a forever evolving sphere from a business and legal perspective. Covid, tumultuous global trade relations between the West and the East and regulatory concerns have created new M&A period. Combining a focus on M&A and the technology sector add double difficulties for shareholders, directors, advisors, accountants and legal practitioners!

However, there is also a silver lining when there is a challenge and there is a new world for potential investors in technology in Asia Pacific.

Covid has brought many new technology companies around the world which have grown tremendously due to Covid and the need to work and shop virtually.

What has changed in the M&A tech industry in Asia in the last 18 months since Covid hit? What to watch for when seeking deal targets in the technology sectors in the Asia Pacific region? The legal scene in many Asian countries has also evolved and many developing countries have drafted and enacted new laws affecting M&A transactions related to anti-bribery, anti-monopoly, data protection, intellectual property.

The program provides a foundation on possible legal vehicles for companies in Asia and ways to protect technology and IP rights of technology companies in the first place. We will discuss about due diligence process and pitfalls to avoid when acquiring a technology company. Topics like contracts related to asset and/or share acquisitions and related commercial contracts will be touch upon together with negotiation strategies. We will have an overview of the IP scene in Asia and the challenges of developing jurisdictions with regards to intellectual property protection. Technology transfers and licencing in the context of M&A in technology and valuation will be covered. Laws and case studies will be used as concrete examples to understand the above concepts.



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