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Explore Serverless as a Cloud-Native Strategy with Author and Cloud Ambassador Thomas Smart

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This is how the right strategy can be used to significantly reduce cost, security and privacy risks, and enable your team to be more focused on ROI


Join the Author of Serverless, Beyond the Buzzword, Thomas Smart, as he provides an introduction to the Serverless cloud-native strategy.

What it is, the challenges and benefits, and how it can impact your business, budgets, security, and people.

Thomas has over a decade of experience in cloud and is ranked #2 globally in the AWS Ambassador program – a community of cloud specialists that go above and beyond in sharing their cloud knowledge with the world.

This webinar is dedicated to Product owners, project managers, CTOs, innovation managers, entrepreneurs

Participants will understand the business impact Serverless can have on budgets, security, and teams. Learn the terminology, concepts, and types of projects that this Cloud strategy is suitable for, to drive informed decisions.

About the speaker : 

  • Thomas Smart, Sourced Group Consultant

Thomas has been involved with digital projects since 2003 and Cloud since 2010. In 2019, AWS invited him to their AWS Partner Ambassador programme for his efforts in advocating and teaching Serverless Architecture in ASEAN. He authored his own book, Beyond the Buzzword, which was published.

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