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Fintech Festival - 'Moving to a cashless society' by Choose France x La French Tech

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Join our panelists on the 'CHOOSE FRANCE- La French Tech' booth organized by the French Chamber of Singapore along with the most promising Fintech !


Join our panelists from 'CHOOSE FRANCE- La French Tech'  booth organized by the French Chamber of Singapore on : 

♦ How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cashless applications, such as automatic payments, make businesses more resilient to emerging risks?

♦ How to secure Data and privacy in a cashless society  ?

♦ How to comply with different laws and regulatory changes in different countries? 

Opening remarks by HR Mr. Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore.


Meet our Speakers :

  • Glenn Woo, Managing Director, Head of APAC at LEDGER
  • Christopher Muffat, Founder & CEO at DATHENA
  • Meg Chaperon, Senior Product Marketing at DESCARTES UNDERWRITTING 
  • Sithi Sirimanotham, Partner at AUREXIA
  • Loic HennocqHead of Operations at INCOMLEND



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