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Executive Education Asia Pacific Open Enrollment Program: Luxury Brand Management - Elevate Your Brand Value

Language: English

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Our open enrollment programs are designed to keep top executives, managers, and government officials ahead of business trends.


This course will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of premium and luxury brand management, best practices and success factors of traditional luxury brands, and take-aways that can be applied in any sector or category. 

Learning objectives:

- Discover the fundamentals of building a premium/ luxury brand
- Understand how to create a rich DNA, and how to express it via visual codes and powerful storytelling
- Find a unique bank of ideas and inspirations to help engage in better branding
- Open your mind to thinking about your brand in a different way that would allow you to elevate its branding


For more information on the early bird rates and course fees, please contact us at execedasia(@)



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