How to fetch and cache data effectively (with React Query)

Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd CapitaSpring, 88 Market Street, 048948, Singapore
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In this second part of three series hands-on sessions, join in to learn how to fetch and cache data effectively with react-query.

State management has been at the center of all discussions for the past years. While Redux has been a standard for quite some time, it also has its detractors. Plenty of alternatives were born and the JS ecosystem now has more state management options than you could have hoped for.

In the last session, we used the native fetch API to query data and display it very naively.
We'll refactor our code during this session to improve the user experience. We replace the usage of fetch for a new library: react-query.

With this new tool, we will introduce a loading state and an error state to our application and we'll see how we can use it over the traditional state management solutions.  

What you may expect from this session:

  • Learn the basics of react-query
  • Build a resilient data fetching solution without Redux
  • Building a reusable hook to be able to reuse the data you fetched

Thomas Huchedé, Consultant, Zenika

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