IT Sustainability and the Impact of tech on the planet

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Join us for a live chat with Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard, Co-founder of Found and Seek, to discuss the impact of digital and technology on the planet

Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard is an entrepreneur in sustainable development, and more particularly in the circular economy and electronic waste management. He co-founded Found & Seek,an online platform to allow businesses to share their business equipment in the manner of Airbnb.

A graduate of NEOMA Business School,he spent the beginning of his career between Paris and Hong Kong in consulting agencies in IT Infrastructure and new technologies before moving to Singapore.

Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard is also very involved in associative life since he is an active member of The Matcha Initiative,an NGO thatpromotes environmental projects within the framework of companies in order to support them in their transformation. He also actively participates in the training of students(ESSEC, NTU)on the environmental issues of tomorrow.

To date, he has written half a dozen articles on the circular economy and will launch a podcast about it in 2022 to help companies reconcile new technologies and climate change.


*The videoconference will be held in French. Simultaneous translation into English will be available.


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