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PPE Regulation: Deep dive of the categories of products in high demand

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Webinar serie - Managing the demand of PPE on the market


If you are a new supplier or someone who is looking to market Personal Protective Equipment in the healthcare industry, you need to be aware of the relevant Regulations and Standards to ensure that the products are fit for purpose and safe for use by healthcare workers. 

Join our BSI experts to find out how to stay on top of the regulatory changes in the current market conditions and the obligations from you as a manufacturer or supplier of PPE.

This will be delivered on 10 June at 10am (UK time) by our PPE Group Certification Manager, Nathan Shipley, one of our leading experts in this area.

Topics will include:

  • Categorisation of PPE (Category I, II, III)
  • Categorisation of COVID-19 PPE
  • Routes to compliance


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