Quividi APAC Online Conference


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Jointly organised by Digital Content Technologies and Quividi


Shoppers are back but they are not the same - the current pandemic accelerating changes in the way they live, work and consume. Brands are reassessing how to connect with them. It starts with understanding where their customers are, what their new - physical & digital - purchase path is. It continues with rethinking on how to best address them: besides acknowledging the current situation by exercising true social responsibility, using contextually-relevant and creative messages is proving crucial to cut through the clutter and morosity.

In this context of rapid changes, real-time data has never been more relevant. It helps brands better address shoppers, but it also supports the accelerated developments at play in our industries.

Brick & mortar retailers are engaged in a critical transformation to face the increased competition of online channels. This will profoundly impact in-store media as we know it, with real-time data and AI becoming instrumental to any successful digital signage deployment in retail.

DOOH also is changing fast, as brands demand increased transparency and security when it comes to buying media and measuring advertising campaigns. With the current on&off sequence of lock-down, relax, and return of restrictions, DOOH publishers who are relying on real-time data - rather than historical audience data and static studies only - are uniquely placed to provide advertisers with the guarantee and confidence in their audience reality.

For its APAC Conference, Quividi is inviting leaders to envision the future of DOOH & In-Store Media and the crucial role of real-time data to navigate the “New Normal”. We’ll discuss the data stack that marketers are building to successfully engage with shoppers through contextualized content, measure and optimize their campaigns in real-time, monetize their screens to third-party advertisers with the same performance standards as online, and - always - keep the finger on consumers’ pulse.




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