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Scale-up workshop - The Impact of your Branding on Sales & Fundraising

The French Chamber of Commerce, 541 Orchard Rd, #09-01 Liat Towers, 238881, Singapore
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Ready, Get set, Grow: Unlock your company full potential!

The French Chamber of Commerce offers Startups & Entrepreneurs dedicated Scale-up workshops sessions that will help boost your growth within the ASEAN region!

Join us for this workshop session from 12pm to 2pm. Lunch will be provided by the French Chamber!

Why does your branding matters? How can it help increase , not only your sales, but also your fundraisings? How to master your branding and know its impact?

This workshop session will be presented by:

  • Thomas Budin, CEO of Noodle.
    Thomas worked with some of the world's leading luxury and spirits brands, but his true passion lies in supporting committed entrepreneurs
  • Brice Degeyter, Founder & CEO of Bizsu.


  1. Introduction
    What is branding and marketing? Why does it matter and why do we like story telling?
  2.  The invisible & psychological impact of Branding: a gate to behavioural economics and evolutionary psychology
    • What economics cannot explain
      • Case study/products examples: Toothpaste, Nutella, T-shirt etc.
      • Logic or habits underlying
      • Psycho-logic or emotional underlying
      • Social or identity underlying
  3. The visible & physiological impact of branding
    • Case studies
      • Pain killers branded versus generic
      • Heavy glass and taste perception / expensive wines in wine tests
      • Color and shape perceptions
      • Recruitment, Investment and Sales bias towards strong brands
  4. Branding to your advantage in early or later stage ventures
    • We don’t choose brand a over brand b because it’s better but because we think it’s good.
    • Fear, uncertainty, doubt, blame, pain
    • The Samsung TV example with another unknown brand
    • The average expected outcome and the worst case scenario = seek the downward variance
    • In real life we have limited time, limited trustworthy data and limited calculation power that’s why the heuristic approach works
  5. Workshop and brand audit
    • Audit your brand statement and touchpoints
      • Would you work for that brand?
      • Would you invest in it?
      • Do you really deliver the value you intended to you customers?
      • Would you recognise your brand in a trade show?
      •  How confident are you that your employees know why the company exist? Could they summaries in a sentence?
    • (Re-)define your brand and corporate strategy



  • This event is for entrepreneurs and SMEs members only
  • Full payment is required upon registration and cannot be refunded
  • Lunch menu is included in the fees and will be provided


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