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Save the date: July 19, Technozaure with Zenika Singapore.


Technozaure is a yearly 'Zenika Employees only' day of conference and workshops. But this year, we are opening our doors to everyone. We learn from each other, share best practices, a joke or two and some more!

This year we have our experts speaking on:

  • Margerie Guillot  - UX Design or how to improve the sustainability of a website
  • Vincent Gillet  - Git repository layout for a smooth GitOps start and scale IaC without splitting hairs
  • Andrey Bodoev - Local-first software aspiration or reality?
  • Asyraaf Ahmad - The Future of State with Xstate
  • Jolyn Chuah - Have you met a Product Manager?
  • Amar Singh - Reactive Programming with Java
  • Martin Llaenza - Introduction to Web 3.0

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