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What it means to have the mindset of a craftsman and how to get started?


Craftsmanship in the technology world is about having a developer mindset where one approaches software development as an art form. A software craftsman takes pride in their work and is proud to share their creation with the world. They are disciplined, passionate and deliberately practice to hone their craft.

As software engineers, we can further train or develop a craftsman's mindset which encourages:

- Responsibility

- Continuous improvement

- Professionalism

- Learning from others

- Sharing of knowledge

Some ideas of software craftsmanship include practices and concepts such as TDD, BDD, DDD, Clean Code, Pair Programming. In this Nightclazz, we will understand what it means to have the mindset of a craftsman and how to get started.


About the speaker

Dhrubajit Paul Chowdhury

A software consultant and trainer at Zenika, Dhrubajit is a tech enthusiast who loves tinkering with new tools and frameworks.

He loves the flexibility and joy that a clean codebase provides developers. He is looking forward to inspiring more people to adopt a craftsmanship mindset and craft high quality software.



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