Understanding Payments– A Practical and Legal Overview of the Payments Eco-system across Asia-Pacific

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This seminar is for lawyers and other professionals who wish to attain an overview of the payments industry (...)

(...) by setting out how the industry operates; who are the stakeholders in the value chain; what are the common legal and regulatory themes in Singapore and across Asia-Pacific which may encourage or discourage certain businesses or technical models.

The payments industry is at the forefront of financial services innovation, as both consumers and businesses continue to seek frictionless, inexpensive yet safe ways to pay for goods and services or to move funds from person to person. The explosive growth in the e-commerce industry has ensured that online payments similarly grown in tandem  to support the flow of funds between consumers and merchants. While fintech is not new, the past 10 years or so have seen an explosion of different ways to pay and the growth of new stakeholders which form the value chain of the payments eco-system.

Meanwhile, regulators and central banks are siting up and taking note of the evolution of the payments landscape, which to date has operated under light-touch regulation in many markets across Asia-Pacific. This is set to change as scandals such as the Wirecard incident bring the industry under greater scrutiny globally.

This seminar will provide a practical introduction to the functioning of payments eco-system, discuss the way that it is regulated in Singapore and across Asia-Pacific, and review the scope for technological innovation versus regulatory developments.

This will be an interactive session, allowing participants to learn not only from the instructor, but also hopefully from each other.


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