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The new Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework

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#Sustainability - Understanding the new Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework, its challenges and possible solutions


Packaging represents one-third of the domestic waste in Singapore. In order to achieve the ambitious recycling targets of its Zero Waste Masterplan, the NEA is directing the industry in a process that will facilitate the recycling of packaging.  

In preparation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on packaging waste which will be implemented before 2025, the NEA will enforce in 2020, the Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework.

Disruptive for some, an adaptation of existing European policies for others, companies introducing packaging in Singapore will have to adapt to this new regulation. In this presentation, we will explore the ins and outs of the Mandatory Packaging Reporting framework, discuss some of the challenges to be faced, and present solutions that could help the industry to meet these new requirements.

About the Speaker

Remi Cesaro, Zero Waste Consultant, ZERO WASTE CITY

Founder and Director of the consulting business Zero Waste City, Remi provides engineering consulting services to large commercial and industrial facilities to reduce waste, save money, and achieve ambition energy and material efficiency targets. He also worked in Australia as an Energy Consultant for large businesses, covering a wide range of industries and technologies. He is a certified TRUE Advisor (Total Resource Use Efficiency) by the U.S. Green Building Council Inc. This certification recognised his knowledge in Zero Waste programs and his ability to support businesses to achieve the TRUE Zero Waste certification.

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